Commercial Fudge Kit



Fudge Addiction has been making fudge for over thirty years and have trained many people to start their own successful business. This is a delicious “Melt in the Mouth Fudge” After you have purchased your kit & had your training, the only on-going cost is to buy the “Flavoured Base Mixes” from us. You create your own brand name & label.
This is a perfect business for markets or as an add on to a shop.


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Product Description

The Kit includes:

1x Portable gas cooker, 2x Fudge pots, 2x Fudge paddles, 1x Basking brush, 2x Fudge spatula
4x Fudge moulds, 2x Sugar thermometer, 1x Box food handling gloves, 1x Fudge cutting knife
1x digital scales, 1x Poly bag heat sealer, 2x Fudge display boxes
1x Taste test dispenser, 800xFudge bags, 24 Assorted Fudge “Base Mixes”, Recipe sheets.

One day training in the skill & art of Fudge making. We will also give you on-going back up & support.
The training will be at our Huskisson shop in NSW. We will not sell another kit in your area.
Any questions please call Dougall M 0412346123